Lease your business's roof space for solar and receive a monthly payment from Catalyst Power. 

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Catalyst Power handles all the setup-maintenance-and repairs. Sit back and let the money come in.
Benefits of a catalyst power Solar rooftop lease:
  • Add a no-cost fixed monthly revenue stream.
    • We handle repairs and maintenance so you truly can just sit back and collect a check.
  • Improve your business's perception in the eyes of stakeholders.
    • Times have changed, and adding solar can only improve how people perceive your business.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of alternative energy resources for years to come.
    • Our energy experts leverage technology advancements as soon as possible. Keeping both of us at the forefront of the industry.
  • No catch or gimmicks.
    • We really do want to pay you to use space that's currently adding no value to your business. 

In this competitive business environment, can you afford to have a portion of your workforce just sitting around doing nothing all day? We didn't think so. So why should you think about your building any differently? By leasing your business's roof to Catalyst Power you can turn your roof space into a revenue-generating asset. Start down the road to earning by letting Catalyst Power provide you with a free solar assessment of your property. 

Generate a new revenue stream without having to leave your computer. 

Eligible rooftops typically have over 15,000 square feet of usable space and are relatively new – or with a scheduled repair or replacement timeline.

*Claim Your free solar analysis today*
Save time. Save money. Save the environment. 

Is My Roof Eligible?